Angela Ferraro

My fascination and passion for the world of medicine and health as well as the world of wholesome food and everything making one`s life more agreeable have always been a vital part of my life.

As an ambitious master mental trainer, entrepreneur and mother, my coaching and instructing focuses particularly on executive personnel, top athletes, self-employed and  all those who want to direct their personal development successfully and happily. The foundations of my trainings are based on scientifically recognized psychological methods as well as proven traditional Asian teachings. For this purpose I have completed various vocational trainings, also in the health care sector. I have been working in these fields for 18 years and regularly enjoy international further education. This enhances a constant optimization of the individual coaching levels. This has enabled me to acquire a wide variety of methods and approaches to solutions, which help people in the most difficult situations quickly and effectively.

Health exists if body, mind and psyche work together soundly and in harmony.

To activate and motivate oneself to achieve one’s own successes brings fulfilment and happiness.

I am convinced that each and every one of us has enough resources within to lead a happy and successful life.

As a coach, my team and I provide precise, true-to-life and power-oriented support. Joy, mutual honesty and a respectful, appreciative way of dealing with each other are the basis for our cooperation.

Distancing and disclaimer:

I clearly distance myself from all concepts that are not subject to a basic, humanistic value system, such as Scientology and psycho mass events and similar abstruse concepts.

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